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Removal of dental plaque/tartar/: For dental cosmetics and removal of dental discolourations using ultrasonographic equipment, and the oral jet-set / Profiflex KaVo /.


Under-padding and filling materials of 3M-Espe and Kulzer used for a high esthetical result. Important!Old fillings including amalgam will be removed in each case.


To avoid any mistakes, we use a digital root canal measuring device to determine exact positiona and to provide too long or too short root fillings as well the overdilatation of root canal


Among other quality implant products, we use CAMLOGimplants, the well-known German implantation system of teh Europian market that has proved the justification of implantation dental prostheses for many years. It is possible to make crowns and bridges on the implants, as well as to apply implantation systems to increase the staleness of removable prostheses. In order to performmost exact therapies, we use a digital X-ray device that allows us to control the space available in the bone with an accuracy to the mm. In case of need, spiral CT-examination can be made to obtain absolutly accurate results.


Prosthetic dentistry: The teeth are prepared for dental crowns and fillings using KaVo and W&H manual pieces. Porcelein bridgeworks can be made by burning onto metal frames of titanium, gold or traditional hypoallergenic cast metal, or optionally, we offer crowns made of pressure ceramis and porcelain bridges burnt onto zircon frame that provide a high quality and esthetical result.